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Beauty without Compromise
Inspired by Swiss Nature
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The strength of
Swiss timeless beauty

The genius of nature

Where pure glacier water pours from the top of pristine peaks, flowing around steep rocks to nourish the most precious, beneficial plants of the Alpine ecosystem, La Vallée grows its science.

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the midst of abundant, powerful, generous nature, La Vallée draws vital regenerative power directly from mineral and plant resources.

Since “nature does nothing in vain,” as the philosopher Aristotle wrote in 300 B.C., La Vallée finds inspiration in the genius of nature, observing it and enhancing it.

Unique Complexes

Ptilocephala pyrenaella, a small, rare butterfly of the Alpine valleys with exceptional survival powers, fascinated biologists for a long time before they finally solved the mystery of its longevity. The secret of this butterfly’s eternal youth is hidden in the nectar of the Buddleja Davidii, the butterfly tree, which is its food source. Nectapure Protective Complex, which contains extracts of Buddleja Davidii and Thymus Vulgaris, was designed in response to this revelation. La Vallée products find unique benefits in the synergy of the perfect combination of plant extracts, essential oils and vegetal complexes, drawing on the most innovative research in dermo-cosmetics.

A Swiss biotechnology expert in quest for excellence, La Vallée is building its philosophy for beauty without compromise.